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Credit: Eric Isaacs

Graduate Students

Our lab's work spans a broad range of topics that can involve physical modeling and analysis of single devices (for example using tools of quantum transport, semiconductor and device physics, magnetism and spintronics, among others) , all the way up to designing and implementing systems with thousands of devices (involving FPGA emulation of new architectures or algorithms, analyzing their computational complexity) or it could involve activities in between, such as prototyping small circuits with emerging devices in the lab.

If you are interested, please apply to the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) graduate program in the area of Computer Engineering (CE). If you would like to send an email to us about your application or to discuss potential interests, please include your CV and transcripts, as well as a brief description of any past research experience. 

Undergraduate Researchers

We take undergraduate research very seriously. Undergraduate research is a rewarding experience, however, it takes a significant amount of commitment for it to be a productive activity. Undergraduate students do not need to have any previous research experience, but given the intensity of work that is required we can only accommodate those who can commit a significant amount of time to work in our lab. Feel free to contact us with a short description of your interests and background along with a realistic plan of how much time you can allocate for research. 


Assistant Professor
Electrical & Computer Engineering